Versailles and a Chateau and Paris; Oh my!

A trip this May/June is turning out to be quite the event!  We are starting with a party in the Hall of Mirrors in 18th century costume with friends from Antewerp.  We also have gotten to know one of the curators at the Palace and are looking forward to a private after hours tour! 

Then off to Southern France to stay in our friends Chateau.  First they said we weren't staying long enough and now they want my decorating advice; better bring the gold! 

Next off to Paris where we will be meeting with our friend who has taken over the leadership of the Louis Vuitton flagship store on the Champs Elysee; looking forward to a private tour and also hoping to make it out to the LV Maison (very exclusive).  We've then are being hosted for the 30th anniversary of Diner en Blanc; can't wait to see the venue en Paris! 

We end our trip in Belgium where we are meeting with a shoe designer to discuss my show design with 18th century images on it. 

You know, no biggie :)!  

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