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Randall MacDonald as Mr. Dawidziak in "Mixed Blessings"

City TV Vancouver - Party Hosting Tips

City TV Edmonton - Party Hosting Tips- Titanic

PartyGod Bless Africa

December 1, 2012 was World Aids Day.  Darcy Kaser & I were pleased to be involved in Garth Prince's music video, God Bless Africa, in celebration of this day.

Delmer & Marta

Love playing the Mayor of Morning Side in "Delmar & Marta".  Check out this episode from Season 1.

Delmer & Marta

Another scene from Season 1 playing the Mayor of Morning Side

The way you dress says who you are without saying a word - Tips for Men on Fashion Calgary

I recently had the opportunity to do a segment with the President and CEO of Fashion Calgary, Ania Basak.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing it

Fringe for Shaw TV

Enjoyed doing my first on air interview for Shaw with my good friend Marleigh talking about her show, The Retro Den.

Shaw TV - Western Canada Fashion Week and Derek Jagodzinsky

I interview one of Edmonton's fabulous fashion designers for Western Canada Fashion Week.

Men's Bespoke Shoes on Shaw TV

So thrilled to interview Rodrigo Sanchez from Zapato Sanchez shoes about custom shoes for men.

CTV Morning Live - Travel Tips & Tricks 

Great time on CTV Morning Live discussing my tips & tricks for dealing with lost luggage, what to take on board and how to get free champagne in cattle class!

Favourite line "I feel like I'm in Sex Ed again!"


CTV Morning Live - Western Canada Fashion Week

Always great MCing Western Canada Fashion Week.  On this segment I feature some great local designers. In case you missed my segment with Stacey Brotzel here it is where I talk about Davnici XXI watches, Zapato Sanchez shoes and LUXX Ready to Wear.

Travel Tips & Tricks on CTV Morning Live

I always travel with fabulous outfits! But people often wonder how I get them to Europe looking good. Here I share some of my secrets and also share some tips on how to pack your ID and what to do should it get lost or stolen.

Date Did What?

Some pure fabulousity happened during this conversation; all while drinking Veuve Clicquot champagne of course!

What is the best host gift?
Can you drink the wine you bring?
What are the rules about ghosting a party?
Etiquette for the holidays I presented on CTV


So honoured to be be featured so prominently on the poster for the movie "Disguise" I filmed this summer. Most comments when people heard was "I thought you already were" and "Type Casting". I guess 2020 wasn't all bad

Trave Tips & Tricks

Travel Expert

Ever wondered what to pack in your carry-on or what type of carry on to get? Questions about packing and what you can do in case your luggage is delayed or gets lost? Watch this segment for all your travel tips & tricks!


How to be a good houseguest and host


Ever wondered what the etiquette around being a house guest is? Are you hosting, what are those expectations? Take a watch to this segment from CBC and I will explain the do's and don'ts.


Men's Festive Styling Tips


The festive season will soon be upon us and men are your looks ready for all the events? If you missed my segment with Cory Edel, you're in luck! Here is the segment that I did on CTV with tips on how to up your look!


Global Edmonton

Randall to the rescue

In case you missed my segment with Kevin O'Connell on Global Edmonton where we talked about all things that sparkle you can watch it here.


New Year's Eve Bubbles!

The Steele & Vance Show

I had a wonderful time with Lynda Steele and Jody Vance on the Steele & Vance show. We covered so many topics: how to open a bottle of bubbles, which are the right glasses to use for sparkling wine, my first outfit design by Froxbox, Veuve Clicquot, and I even sang us out! Enjoy!