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Randall MacDonald as Mr. Dawidziak in "Mixed Blessings"

City TV Vancouver - Party Hosting Tips

City TV Edmonton - Party Hosting Tips- Titanic

PartyGod Bless Africa

December 1, 2012 was World Aids Day.  Darcy Kaser & I were pleased to be involved in Garth Prince's music video, God Bless Africa, in celebration of this day.

CTV Morning Live - Easter Entertaining April 16, 2014

CTV Morning Live - Edmonton Wedding Etiquette July 10, 2014

Breakfast Television - Table Scaping September 23, 2014

Wondering how to create cool centre pieces?  Not wanting to buy a whole bunch of new stuff for it? I show you how to re-purpose some of your everyday items into fabulous pieces for your table display.

CTV Morning Live - Christmas Party Tips November 4, 2014

Looking for some tips on Christmas Entertaining?  Watch these segments for some hints on how to make your parties a hit!

CTV Morning Live - Seasonal Dressing Advice November 25, 2014

Wondering how to dress for your Christmas functions? Wondering why I hate the Little Black Dress?  Watch this clip for some answers.

CTV Morning Live - Gift Giving Etiquette - December 17, 2014

Christmas time is a special time of year to share with family, friends and acquaintances.  It's also a time of giving. But what to give to whom?  What is gift etiquette?

Here is a segment I did on CTV answering some of these questions.

CTV Morning Live - Wedding's and Gift Etiquette

Been invited to an Engagement party, Shower and Wedding!  I discuss gift giving, RSVPing and cash bars on CTV. And DON'T stray from my registry!!

CTV Morning Live - Don't be Straussed about the Ball February 6, 2015

Always wanted to attend a formal, traditional ball but not sure how to jazz up your look or intimidated by the dancing.  Well in case you missed it, I talked about these very things yesterday on CTV Morning Live.

So who won and who lost on the Red Carpet last night.  In case you missed it this morning, Stacey Brotzel and I discuss the fashions.

CTV Morning Live Mad Hatter's Gala with Stacey Brotzel April 13, 2015

Going to a Mad Hatter's function?  Well watch this clip for some tips on what to wear.

CTV Morning Live - Restaurant Etiquette May 19, 2015

If you make a reservation at a restaurant, have you ever wondered what Etiquette dictates for the seating when you arrive? Or wondered about who pays when ordering?  In this segment I answer these questions and more!

CTV Morning Live - Keeping your cool!

Trying to beat the summer heat?  Watch this segment for some great products that will help you do just that!

CTV Morning Live - That's Rich! August 19, 2015

I love champagne and have a particular fondness for Veuve Clicquot, so was super excited to find out that she has come out with new bubbles. But the title really had me; RICH!!!! What's interesting about this champagne is you don't serve it in the traditional ways. Watch this segment to find out more about this elixir! 

CTV Morning Live - The Regency Ball September 18. 2015

Love Jane Austen?  Always wanted to spend an evening with Mr. Darcy?  Well you're in luck, The Regency ball which is held in the fabulous Wedgewood room of the Hotel Macdonald will let you spend an evening living your fantasy.  

Watch this segment on CTV Morning Live, we talk about the ball, how to dress and we even dance!

CTV Morning Live - Nocturne Berlin October 14, 2015

The AGA is presenting another fabulous edition of Nocturne.  This year's theme is Berlin of the 1920's.  Need some ideas on what to wear? Watch this segment from CTV Morning Live.

CTV Morning Live - A Great Gatsby New Year's

Looking for something to do on New Year's Eve and want to party like the Great Gatsby?  Join me at the Hotel Macdonald onDec. 31 as they celebrate their 100th anniversary in style in the Empire Ballroom.  Watch this segment for some tips on how to dress and even learn a dance step or two from the Roaring 20's!

Delmer & Marta

Love playing the Mayor of Morning Side in "Delmar & Marta".  Check out this episode from Season 1.

Delmer & Marta

Another scene from Season 1 playing the Mayor of Morning Side

CTV Morning Live - New Year's Eve Etiquette

On CTV Morning Live Stacey and I talked about NYE etiquette, resolutions and who and where to kiss someone! 

CTV Morning Live - Dancing with Mr. Darcy February 21, 2015

The social season for 2016 is kicking off with several parties and balls.  If you want an evening out Mr. Darcy or to party like they did in Jane Austen's time, then the Regency ball on February 27 is just the thing you.  Watch this clip I did on CTV where we discuss some tips for making dressing the part easy.

CTV Morning Live - Celebrating Valentine's Day

Great tips on celebrating at home with the 3 C's; Champagne, Caviar and Chocolate.

CTV Morning Live - Oscar Fashions

Enjoy this CTV panel discussion talking Red Carpet Fashion from the 2016 Red Carpet.  Who did we like and who missed the mark?

CTV Morning Live - Bowties & Boutonnieres & Bananas; Oh my!

In this segment I discuss how to give the Groom and Groomsmen some flair and detail to their looks.  

CTV Morning Live - PJ Party March 31, 2016

I debut my Champagne pajamas while Stacey and I talk about attending the PJ Party at the Jasper Park Lodge. 

The way you dress says who you are without saying a word - Tips for Men on Fashion Calgary

I recently had the opportunity to do a segment with the President and CEO of Fashion Calgary, Ania Basak.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing it

Fringe for Shaw TV

Enjoyed doing my first on air interview for Shaw with my good friend Marleigh talking about her show, The Retro Den.

Shaw TV - Western Canada Fashion Week and Derek Jagodzinsky

I interview one of Edmonton's fabulous fashion designers for Western Canada Fashion Week.

Men's Bespoke Shoes on Shaw TV

So thrilled to interview Rodrigo Sanchez from Zapato Sanchez shoes about custom shoes for men.

CTV Morning Live - Venetian Masked Gala and Christmas Etiquette.

I love being able to bring the excitement of Carnevale to Edmonton for New Year's Eve.  I also love talking about Christmas Etiquette; you know I have an opinion!  

CTV Morning Live - Golden Globe Fashions 2017

Who were the hits and misses from this year's Golden Globes; watch this segment to see my thoughts.  And don't worry the Randalleze is translated for you!

A 25 Year Love Story and Valentine's Day Celebrations

Loved being on CTV Morning Live to talk about Darcy and my 25 years together.  The article I reference is in the Press Section of my Website.  Also shared some great tips on celebrating Valentines Day.

CTV Morning Live - Oscar Fashions

Though this year's Red Carpet fashions weren't very interesting, I still did manage to find the Hits and Misses.  

CTV Morning Live - Western Canada Fashion Week

So great to have all these fabulous local designers on showcasing their talent and great to debut my new Ruby Slippers! 

CTV Morning Live - Travel Tips & Tricks

Great time on CTV Morning Live discussing my tips & tricks for dealing with lost luggage, what to take on board and how to get free champagne in cattle class!

Favourite line "I feel like I'm in Sex Ed again!"

Deighton Cup Fashions - CTV Morning Live Vancouver

As one of the Style Stakes Judges at Deighton Cup it was great to be on CTV to give attendees some ideas on what to wear to show their derby style!

Dining Do's and Don'ts - CTV Morning Live

Loved talking about everything from reservations, tips to kids in a restaurant.  However, I learned your don't say Bitch on live TV in the morning.  Who knew!

CTV Morning Live - Men's Fashion DYI

Had a great time talking about Western Canada Fashion Week and men's accessories.  You know Stacey and I are spending too much time together when we dress alike!

CTV Morning Live - Spooning Leads to Forking November 22, 2017

Which bread plate is yours?
Are you drinking out of the wrong water glass?
What do you do with all those forks?
I fill you in on eating etiquette.

CTV Morning Live - Party Etiquette November 22, 2017

Can you leave a party without saying goodbye?
Why are flowers a bad host gift?
Should you dip your pen in the company ink at the Xmas party?
And what do you do with people who have December birthdays?
I have all the do's and don'ts.

CTV Morning Live - Reciprocation and What is Fashionably Late?

So how do you reciprocate after being to a fabulous fete? 
What does "Fashionably Late" mean? In case you missed it here are the answers I provided on CTV with Stacey Brotzel.  Will Stacey get invited to a party again????? Stay tuned!

CTV Morning Live - Western Canada Fashion Week

Always great MCing Western Canada Fashion Week.  On this segment I feature some great local designers. In case you missed my segment with Stacey Brotzel here it is where I talk about Davnici XXI watches, Zapato Sanchez shoes and LUXX Ready to Wear.

Travel Tips & Tricks on CTV Morning Live

I always travel with fabulous outfits! But people often wonder how I get them to Europe looking good. Here I share some of my secrets and also share some tips on how to pack your ID and what to do should it get lost or stolen.

Date Did What?

Some pure fabulousity happened during this conversation; all while drinking Veuve Clicquot champagne of course!

What is the best host gift?
Can you drink the wine you bring?
What are the rules about ghosting a party?
Etiquette for the holidays I presented on CTV