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Lavish Vacations - From Edmonton to Vienna, Randall MacDonald teaches you how to party like it's 1899 - Avenue Magazine

 I have attached my latest article to be published on some of our upcoming lavish adventures.  We were very fortunate to get tickets to the Debutantes ball in Vienna and it certainly helped that the Austrian Ambassador to Canada was in attendance at the Strauss ball this past February.  After an hour of gushing about my love of Vienna and dancing with his wife, he agreed to contact the Opera House on our behalf and helped us secure these tickets.  After the ball in Vienna we dash off to Venice where I have arranged for our entourage to attend two other 18th Century costume balls in Palazzos.  Darcy & I have decided to go Winter White and Gold next year and the fabrics, lace, trim and dazzling buttons (which we have gathered on our many travels) are as we speak with Betty to work her magic and turn these items into the dazzling outfits we will wear.  We were able to purchase many new pieces of jewelry as well at our favourite jeweller in London and can't wait to don these pieces of art. 

La Dolce Vita - The Tomato

We had the pleasure of dining at the Michelin star, La Sponda, in the Italian Rivera with the aristocratic owner.  It was another glamorous evening in our lavish lifestyle.  

Chic Metropolitan Magazine

Our evening with the Maharaja of Jodhpur was really amazing and I was so excited when this fabulous magazine wanted to publish my story in their Billionaire Issue. I hope you enjoy reading the article and do have fun flipping through this glossy and fabulous lifestyle magazine!   

Call The Kettle Black - Blush Vancouver


Repurposed Luxury - Blush Vancouver

Bridal Fantasy

I really enjoyed the writing of this article as well as styling and producing the photo shoot of this piece for Bridal Fantasy.  Though the topic is centered around styling for the groom and his attendants, these are great tips for any occasion you may have to let your own personal style shine!





I love the look of hats on a well turned out man; and I'm not talking a baseball cap!  Do you love the look of a hat but not sure what to wear?  My latest article for Journal gives you some tips on what's hot right now for topping off your look.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so don't blow it by wearing the wrong coat. In my latest column I talk about what's trending right now in men's outerwear.

Tis the season to pull out your best as you celebrate at festive parties and events.  But men often aren't sure what they can do to dress for the season.  My latest Top Trends column in the Journal addresses this and helps clarify the dress code landscape.

In my latest column, I talk about the need to step up and make sure you men have the right shoes not only for your outfit, but to make the right statement and impression!

My column in the Journal has changed from the Ask Randall format and my next couple of columns will be focused on men's fashion. I hope you find the tips helpful!

We have always made it a priority to send written invitations, written RSVP's and most importantly written Thank-you notes. So enjoy my latest column and "Take Note"

Have you ever been invited to a wedding that you aren't planning on attending but are left struggling with what to do about the gift?  I explore this question in my latest column.

Have you ever been invited to a wedding that you aren't planning on attending but are left struggling with what to do about the gift?  I explore this question in my latest column.