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International Man of Mystery on UP 99.3 Radio

I make appearances on UP 99.3's morning show as Randall, International Man of Mystery.  Check out the attached video I filmed with co-hosts, Kari & Jason, on their YEG Quest as they explore Kari's neighborhood. 

The Wake Up Show on UP 99.3

Here is a clip from one of my many appearances on UP 99.3 as Randall, International Man of Mystery.  Enjoy!

First Gay Hug on UP 99.3 with the International Man of Mystery

One small step. Your International Man of Mystery hugged a mildly homophobic man live on the Wake UP Show with Jason & Kari. This was an interesting and touching social experiment as we discussed his thoughts and prejudices.

The Lynda Steele Show talking the challenges of dressing fabulously and the LuluLemon Fallacy September 11, 2015

People often compliment me on my outfits, but what they don't realize is that it takes work!  Also Vancouver has a bad reputation for dressing poorly which some they deserve and some they don't.  We talk about these issues and of course Penis's come up!

The Lynda Steele Show talking Modern Etiquette and How to Dress for the Window Table October 9, 2015

So happy to have been on CKNW again with my co-host this time, Jill Bennett.  We talk how to RSVP to a party, responding to e-mails and texts, doing things for others (expect baby showers, you get an out for that!) and how not to be a friend thief.  

We then talk about dressing for the window table and getting that VIPness treatment.  How you dress tells others how to treat you without saying a word!

The Lynda Steesl show talking how to avoid the holiday Faux Pas - CKNW 980

The holiday season is upon us and a time when it's easy to make missteps.  Want to avoid the office party mishap? RSVP'd to a party, now what?  How do I celebrate a December birthday?

Listen to this segment of the Lynda Steele show on News Talk 980 CKNW, Lynda and I discuss these very topics.  

The Ryan Jespersen show on 630 CHED - The Challenges of Retailing

Darcy Kaser & I were on Ryan's show talking about a myriad of topics related to retailing, including serving customers wearing burkas, the change in the retail landscape and the effects of the Groat Road bridge closure on Highstreet.  We are specifically on till about 23:12 on the clip

The Lynda Steele Show - Celebrating Valentine's Day

Great tips on celebrating at home with the 3 C's; Champagne, Caviar and Chocolate.

The Steele & Drex Show - The Do's and Don'ts for Summer Parties

Everyone has responsibilities at a party.  Not sure what they are?  Take a listen to find out.

The Steele & Drex Show - Wowing Your Guests without Wowing Your Bank Account

The word I hate most is Budget but there is a way to make your party memorable without spending a fortune.  Take a listen to my party tips on how to create the wow factor that won't take your breath away financially!

Christmas Etiquette on the Steele & Drex show CKNW

Had a fabulous discussion with one of my favourite radio hosts, Lynda Steele, on December babies, gift giving and how to avoid that Christmas Office Faux Pas.

The Steele & Drex Show on CKNW - What not to wear to the office!

As you know when I was asked to chime in about what not to wear to the office on CKNW I had to chime in as CKNW's Resident Fabulista. Take a listen and Lynda Steele confirms that I am the HipsterDandy.  Though I definitely don't agree with her co-hosts views and what men can wear.  Obviously not a stylist!

Expectation Management on The Steele & Drex Show on CKNW

Well we starting talking Expectation Management, then moved onto Christmas and of course ended up talking Champagne!  

The Lynda Steele Show - The Edmonton Oilers and Country Music

Great speaking with former Edmonton Oilers B.J. MacDonald and country stars; Meghan Patrick and Aaron Pritchet, about the Humbolt tragedy and raising funds for the families.

The Lynda Steele Show - Randall's Rant on Restaurants

Listen as I rant about reservations, tipping and group bills!


"Steele the Show a Randall Rant" was such fun. Take a listen to I as we talk about Scheer's absence from the Vancouver Pride Parade and so much more.

Love being News Talk 980 CKNW Resident Fabulista and of course we started the show with bubbles!


As always I had a great time with Lynda Steele on CKNW as their resident Fabulista talking sidewalk etiquette; while drinking bubbles of course!

Enjoy the segment and practice these tips and you'll never be accused of being sidewalk etiquette ignorant!

Ryan Jespersen and I had so much fun talking parties, events and of course everything bubbles! So pour yourself a glass and have a listen to our Fabulous Friday Babble over Bubbles!”


With so many events/parties/balls being eliminated it’s time to rediscover the art of entertaining and UN-CANCEL your home soiree. We need to change the perspective of our homes as prisons but to a place to bring an experience to your family and friends. Now more than ever having something to look forward to, and safely spending time with people, is so important for our souls and mental health. So why not break out the china & crystal and ask your friends to dress to impress and spend an evening spoiling the ones we love. As CKNW's resident Fabulista I give you some tips on how to entertain during a pandemic. ”


Enjoy this segment I did on 630 CHED with J'lyn Nye with my tips on "How to make a Fabulous Covid Christmas" Plus I'll give you the recipe for Randall the Rhinestone Reindeer cocktail!”


I have been warning of the coming infestation of Crocs into places that are very inappropriate. After Questlove wearing crocs on the Red Carpet something has be done! Had a great time returning as CKNW's resident Fabulista with Eric Chapman on the Lynda Steele show and my Randall's Rant about the sins of the Croc! ”


Confused about host gifts? What is the perfect wine to gift? Tune into this segment I did with Stacey Brotzel to get your answers!”

CBC Radio

Everything Christmas!

I had a great time talking with J'lyn Nye on 630 CHED giving some ideas for celebrating the season!

Packing Tips & Tricks

Listen to this radio segment for travel tips & tricks. Take a listen to help take some of the stress out of your travels.

House Stays

How to be a good house guest and host

Ever wondered how to be a good house guest?  Or wondered what you should do when hosting someone in your home?  Take a listen as Stacey Brotzel and I discuss this.