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Culinary Blasphemy Presents : The Lekue Citrus Spritzer

Watch this episode of Culinary Blasphemy I filmed with my Babble over Bubbles co-host, Dawn Chubai, in our Vancouver location.  Item available in all locations.

Culinary Blasphemy Presents: The Zoku Slushy and Popsicle makers.

Check out the latest episode of Culinary Blasphemy featuring the Zoku Slushy and Popsicle makers! Plus check out the Call The Kettle Black facebook page for the popsicle recipes mentioned.

Culinary Blasphemy Presents - Festive Fiestaware

In this latest episode we talk about adding some colour to your life with Fiestaware. Call the Kettle Black has the largest selection of this dishware in Canada and it's available in all 3 stores and on-line!

Culinary Blasphemy - The Champagne Key

Champagne maybe the key to some people but a key for champagne?  This is a great gift and must have for every lover of bubbles!   

Enjoy this latest episode of Culinary Blasphemy which was filmed at the Blackrock Resort in Ucluelet, British Columbia. I want to film there always!

Let Them Eat Chocolate - Retail News

Call the Kettle Black sign induction

So honoured to have the sign from our business of 20 years inducted into the outdoor Neon Sign Museum on May 17, 2106.