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Randall to the Rescue

Season 1 is in the can and excited for you see them.  Watch for more news on when and where!

Jazzy Christmas Reviews

"Great job on the show last night Randall" Stan

"We had so much fun at Jazzy Christmas!!! My girls were so happy!! They all can’t wait for next year!! Amazing job Randall" Mandi

"Loved this night so much.  Our new Christmas Tradition!" Marj


Randall to the Rescue

I'm just thrilled to announce that I have received funding for my TV Show and go into production.  Stay tuned for what I have in store!

Brigadoon Reviews

"We absolutely loved the show…didn’t know much about it, but so glad we saw it!!!  You are the best!  Your expressions kill me!  Well done"

"Awesome job by all especially you" Charlie

"you were hilarious my luv. You were my favourite part" Erin

"You were fabulous last night, you stole the show!" Karin

"Loving you performance Randall. Great comic timing! Beth

" we were at Brigadoon Friday, and we've been smiling every time we think about it since.  You stole every scene you were in (none of us could keep our eyes off you - and we wouldn't have missed it - a summer highlight!).  It was superb to see your talent in addition to the fun of A Jazzy Christmas - you were fabulous" Fern

"saw the show on Friday night and you were soooo awesome!" Maureen

"Randall MacDonald you were amazing, funny and in the role! Please keep it going!" Marina

"Randall MacDonald it was awesome to see you perform. Your performance was polished, as expected. Congratulations to you" Olesia

"totally enjoyed the show! Fantastic role for you to showcase your comedic talent….congrats! Shirley



We loved it!! You had us hysterical, of course!" Barb 




Randall helped us “uncancel” our daughters high school graduation and celebrate her 18th birthday. He is an excellent partner – he listened to who our daughter was, and then came with amazing ideas that were both personal and elevated. Because of Randall, we were able to give our daughter a memorable evening to celebrate her accomplishments. His attention to detail is unparalleled and the event exceeded our expectations! Our shy, smart daughter had a special evening which she thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention – thank you Randall!

Honoured to be featured so prominently on the official poster for the movie "Disguise"

Excited to have been cast as the head of a Fashion Cartel in this movie.  However, as one follower said "I thought you were the head of Fashion Cartel"  #TypeCasting