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Let Them Eat Chocolate!

Jacqueline Jacek asked me to work with her team as they develop their fall line of chocolates; The Marie Antoinette collection; I'm thrilled. Not only is this one of my favorite periods but Jacek chocolates has a reputation for their unique spin on flavours and designs for the traditional chocolate.

I talked to the team about the looks, sights and smells of this century of decadence and the sumptuous court of Louis XVI. Powdered wigs in purple, orange and of course white smelling of oris root and lavender.  The use of lace which was very expensive to display wealth. Fans which were carried by both women and men not only for cooling purposes but used in the language of love. Beauty marks which were originally used to cover scars left by smallpox but soon became a fashion statement.

Jacqueline and I had great fun doing the photo shoot for the chocolates and I can't wait for my powdered face and high heels to grace the promotional materials and packaging for these confections!