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When BVOIX Magazine first asked to interview me, I was very flattered.  However, I did not expect how in depth we would go into my persona and some of the challenging questions I would be asked. In the end I enjoyed this exploration and hope you enjoy finding out a bit more, well, about me.  What makes me tick, the journey I've been on and what lies ahead. 

I was honoured to be interviewed by this company which boasts the oldest Barbershop that opened in London in 1805 and produces amazing grooming products for men. Grooming and particularly skin care have been very important to me so I hope you enjoy some of my tips and tricks.

I was very honoured to have been invited to become an Elite Member and had a great time being inducted on Friday night.  Thank-you Dave Keaven-Pavelich and Brock Melynk for this privilege and for taking such good care of my crowd. It was great being able to talk to people about what it is that I do. Enjoy this video of the night.

I love rose champagne and love that a label got me a beard shot out in the article about it!