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The Randall - A Fragrance Fit for Fabulistas - Hair/Beard Balm, Mustache wax/Lip balm, Liquid soap with gold leaf

Everybody knows that I love champagne so it just seemed natural to develop products made with the essence of champagne.  I'm excited about this line called, The Randall, which was developed in conjunction with Bro Brick.

Products include a soft soap that not only smells fabulous but is great for hand soap or for the shower; and the best part is it's filled with real gold leaf!  Also we have a balm which is great for your hair or your beard for nice conditioned look or hold.  Finally a wax which can be used on your mustache or as a lip balm.

If you are really daring, yet your hands on Randall's Package which includes all 3 products.  Yes my package is nut free!